Facebook: An Absolute Must For All Businesses

Businesses, big or small, need to be actively involved in various forms of social media. One social media platform that is especially important to engaging consumers and spreading brand awareness is Facebook.

Here are a few reasons why Facebook in particular is useful to business:

1. Facebook Facilitates Communication

The only step a consumer or potential consumer has to take to start a relationship with a business is to “Like” the page. There are no extra steps of making a username and creating another online account. Fans can also give feedback, share posts, and mention the business, encouraging their friends or other fans to buy a product or service…and are comfortable doing so. Getting fans to share posts  

2. All of Your Consumers are on Facebook

Over one billion active users. And it isn’t just Generation Y or people in just one area, it is incredibly diverse. This means that no matter who your target market is, they are most likely on Facebook. If you have the money, you can buy Facebook ads for your Facebook page or website and pay either per click or by number of likes you get from it. You can have the ads show up to those in your target market by narrowing down demographics and interests.

3. Drives Traffic To Your Website

Especially if you post incentives or a new product with a link leading to your site. Also making the link directly to the point of action they are trying to reach will reduce the bounce rate. The more traffic you have on your website, clearly the more products/services you will sell and the bigger your business will become.

4. It’s Free!

As long as you’re not paying extra to put ads on Facebook, then it is 100% free and that won’t change. Do I need to say more?



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