Google’s Control

Before looking more into it, Google is just a popular search engine to most people. However, once you start noticing, Google is everywhere. In the Business Insider article, “Google’s Plan to Take Over the World,” the author states, “…Google has its hand in almost every aspect day-to-day life and its penetration is only accelerating.”


The very important question that come to mind, is this good or bad? From a business standpoint, this is good because Google is able to advertise to the people in the business’s target market. However, big businesses can consume the ad space and SEOs and leave smaller businesses struggling. For the companies that have the money, the Google takeover is extremely helpful for them because there will be easier access to their websites and therefore more potential purchases. Businesses are fully aware (or should be) that SEO is very important because people sacrifice product/service quality for time spent searching. So if someone sees another business’ product or service before yours, there’s a good chance they will go there and you will lose a consumer. It would be far more fair to all companies if Google left their engine as unpaid search results (consumers would be in control of what comes up first), but they took full advantage of making more money, which is essentially what all for-profit businesses are about, so we really cannot blame them for taking advantage.


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