Twitter- A Hashtag Wasteland or Great Source of Information & Networking?

Twitter has been a hot topic lately, actually for the last couple of years. And many businesses hesitate to create a Twitter account simply because they do not realize its benefits, especially  if the platform is used correctly. Individuals create Twitter accounts for various reasons; to connect with friends, make new friends, and to follow trends.  Building relationships with businesses is not typically an individual’s goal when creating an account, but it inevitably happens. Twitter allows people to express themselves freely and many people take full advantage of that and go to Twitter to tweet about how much they like, or dislike, a product or service. As long as the business communicates with the individual in a respectful and efficient manner, the problem can be solved. If a business does not have a Twitter, there is no way to encourage more positive feedback or control negative feedback. However, Twitter is not just a Customer Service Center. It has the advantage of being a great vehicle for promoting your product or service, which can be carefully enforced with hashtags. Although there is the potential drawback of over-hashtagging, putting a # before keywords will help people find your tweets. Not only that, but businesses have succeeded in creating their own hashtags to spread awareness. For example; Coca Cola created #ThisisAHH and Nutella created #spreadthehappy. For Twitter, it is always about how you present yourself and use the resources the platform gives you.  The trick is to efficiently use the information from others and expand your network with other businesses and individuals.



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