Google+ Deserves an A+ for it’s Event Feature

Hi my name is Jillian and I love Google+. Yes, I admit it and I’ll tell you why. Google+ is THE BEST main social network to post your events because an E-MAIL is sent to every person you invite clearly stating they are invited to the event, when it is, etc. Facebook has this feature however, when is the last time you took a Facebook e-mail or event invite seriously? Do you even get e-mails from Facebook or have you opted out of that like the majority of the world? You can post events on groups on LinkedIn and community pages but that takes time. So does constantly blasting it on Twitter. Instagram doesn’t send an e-mail about your post and then remind people about it on that day. Google+ really is the best option. And as many of you already brought up, Google+ links to YouTube, is Hashtag friendly, is another place to market yourself and it’s free! Keep the G+ hype going. =) 

google plus


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