Pinterest: The Product King

The point of difference that Pinterest has from other social media websites is that it’s full of Do It Yourself projects. What is always needed to complete a DIY project? Products! This provides for a non-intrusive way to market your brand’s products. Pinterest allows people to choose what topics they are interested in so they are able to easily browse through them anytime. This allows for your idea or project to be viewed by people who are more likely to purchase your product. Ways to effectively use Pinterest as a business: Make your product the essential of a project. For example, Javita Longevity Salon has many different “boards” which are used to keep posts organized. One of Javita Longevity Salon’s boards is named “Javita Weight Loss Coffee” and it includes “pins” (posts) of different ways to use Javita and other promotions. The link for Javita Weight Loss Coffee Martini brings you directly to the blog which has the recipe. This influences the person reading the recipe to buy Javita. Using infographics is another great idea to catch someone’s attention. They allow you to present a lot of information in an appealing way. For example, Javita uses infographics on coffee consumption to help promote healthy diets which increases their brand image. The most effective way to use Pinterest is to simply use an engaging image; whether it is a picture of a delicious dish or an infographic, because Pinterest is an image-based social media website. Keep Calm & Pin On!

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