The Website vs. Social Media

When creating a new business, a big question that is out there is which should you start with, a website or social media? Both are very important for various reasons. The website provides customers with all information they should know, and social media websites engage customers in a more communal way.

But before answering that question, this one needs to be addressed: do you need a website to do social media or vice versa? Although most social media profiles lead people to the website, it is mainly to have them make a purchase on their website or to show the browser more than what social media websites limit. Websites generally have Facebook/Twitter/Instagram icons in the corner of the screen, which are great leads to getting likes/fans/followers, and increases brand awareness, but not all websites have this and they are still thriving. Neither really relies on the other, but it is incredibly beneficial to have both.

Factoring in those points makes answering the first question simple. It is necessary to make a website first because it is able to provide an endless amount of information about your product or service. Whereas social media websites are mostly for spreading awareness about your brand. Having an official website can make it easy for potential customers to find and buy your product or service. Going to their social media website first can incline you more to buy their product, but typically there is no way to directly buy a product on a social media website. Therefore, websites are primary because it is usually where the purchases are made which of course makes the company grow.

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