Using Social Media Platforms the Right Way

hHas your daily/weekly/monthly amount of new followers steadily declined?

The reason could be that you might not be using the social media websites in the most effective ways. Below are some tips that can help you to use social media more successfully.


This is the social media platform where most people look at brands and products. Facebook has the most freedom for what you post and what you post about, due to the fact that you are allowed a large amount of characters per status, it is hashtag compatible and the site itself is easy to navigate to find/view information on it. There is a lot of awareness to be spread using Facebook. Content marketing is what makes a Facebook post stand out because most people now scroll through Facebook and see different articles and videos friends share. Keeping your posts visually appealing can really help gain more likes and comments.


140 characters or less…sounds like a challenge. Unlike Facebook, Twitter has very little freedom in how much you want to say. Short and sweet is not only the best way to utilize Twitter, but it is also the only way, unless you want to link an article or something similar. People who use Twitter typically “tweet” about something that is happening in that moment, it’s live action. Businesses that are tweeting, however, mostly tweet about things that have no relevance of time. Tweets are also short lived. Tweets last only a few minutes while a Facebook post can last a few hours even days depending on how many people like/ share it. In order to see more interaction faster, tweet something that is only happening when you are tweeting or maybe within the next couple of hours. For example, restaurants can tweet when and what the happy hour specials are. It will encourage people to think about your business when they otherwise wouldn’t.


The most visually appealing social media platform is Instagram. Not only does it allow you to post and edit whatever image you take or have, it also encourages hashtags like Twitter, posts like Facebook, and ideas like Pinterest. While it can be visually stimulating, there are some drawbacks to Instagram, it isn’t the best for leading followers directly to the website. Contests, giveaways and events can be promoted on Instagram but you cannot invite your friends to them nor does Instagram alert your friends when the event is about to begin like Google+ and Facebook. It’s recommended that you properly hashtag and post intriguing pictures to keep followers engaged.


Long before social media even existed, the concept of LinkedIn existed. Networking. Knowing people and making connections can lead you to great things. This form of social media is not so much recommended for spreading awareness directly to customers, but it is great for searching for potential employees, customers and people with shared interests.


Making sure your friends/fans/followers do not feel like they are being spammed is a huge part of running a social media website well, so remember not to overly post or hashtag!

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