Website Launch!

On November 21st Jillian’s Circus website will be launched!

Jillian’s Circus is a business consultant company that specializes in social media marketing. Some companies overlook the importance of social media, and some are just not sure how to optimize it. Let Jillian’s Circus help you with your social media marketing efforts, a company that works for every budget! You can choose between set packages or customize your own for $20-$200 per week.

Social media was built for people, not for businesses. That does not mean that businesses do not belong on social media, however. It means that businesses have more access to potential consumers.

Social media marketing is beneficial for these reasons.

  • Social media stimulates a better brand community, it gets your name out there and it has the platform to have a conversation with your consumers
  • It lets you see your target market up close
  • Your competition is doing it
  • It provides a display for your product
  • And most importantly, it leads people to buy your product.

For more details on why social media is important for business click here!



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