Social Media Demographics


You’re interested in using social media in order to gain new consumers and build a brand community, but you are not sure which platforms to focus on.


Take a look at your target market and see which social media platform demographics the client base most fits into. You should focus on two.

Specific demographics:

Facebook – Evenly split between males and females, 18-29 years old, nearly 75% of users have had at least some college education

Twitter – African-Americans, 18-29 years old, urban residents, more males than females

Instagram – Hispanics, African-Americans, 68% female, 18-29 year olds

Pinterest – 80% female, whites, middle to higher income, some level of college education or higher, One-fifth of US adults use Pinterest

LinkedIn – Highly educated, high-income, white collar class, 49% over 45 years old, 90% of LinkedIn users make household decisions

Google+ – More than 32% of Google+ searchers have a household income of $100K or greater, skews 18-24 year olds, 63% of users are male

Flickr – About 55% female users, most evenly distributed age range of users as compared to other social media websites

Social media marketing requires 40 hours a week! Most businesses don’t have the time for it and therefore make the mistake of putting it aside. Don’t be one of those businesses! If you don’t have the time or knowledge to construct and implement a social media marketing plan, visit and choose a social media package so we can help you get your brand out there!

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