Building the Right Team

It’s important to always surround yourself with people who support and motivate you. Family, friends, and employees should all make you excited for whatever is ahead.

Here are some tips for hiring the right people:

  1. Ask the important questions in the interview

This is a given, but ask questions that are scenario based and what the interviewee would really be dealing with. Also ask if she can tell you about the company, if she can’t then she haven’t done the research and might not be the best addition to the team.

  1. Go for character over skills

In most positions, specific skills can be learned in training, but characteristics cannot be changed. Hire the person who has the right personality for the job because the skills can be learned on the job. Which is why it’s a good idea for a company to have a training program for temp-to-hires, you can weed out the ones who are not good matches.

  1. See how they interact with others

Ask the receptionist the impression they got from the interviewee. Whether she/he were polite, smiling, etc. This does not have to make or break your hiring decision, but it provides insight on who he/she is as a person.

  1. Check references

This is something small you can do that can really pay off. It allows you to double check if what you are hearing from the interviewee is accurate.

  1. Make sure they know what they’ll be doing

Provide the interviewee with a clear job description and answer whatever questions he/she may have fully.

Remember, building the right team takes time!



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