Live. Love. Travel.

There are many reasons why it’s important to travel. Traveling is escaping. It’s getting a break from your daily routine and jumping into a new life for a little while. Traveling isn’t always a vacation at a luxurious resort; stressful scheduling, making new friends, getting lost, being confused, and having the time of your life all at the same time is what traveling consists of. You become much more self-aware by learning how you handle challenges and facing your fears all in a place you have never been. Because people are creatures of habit, we are pushed out of our comfort zone when we experience new places and cultures. The list of how to act in different countries and even different cities within those countries is long, but by participating in someone else’s traditions, you can see your own in a new light and maybe make improvements to your life. Traveling is also eye-opening. It shows you what you have and what others lack and vice versa. It makes you appreciate what you have and gives you a new perspective on your life at home.

Most importantly, traveling connects us with new people. Although most people you meet while wandering have had very different experiences than you, you can still relate to them.



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